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JB's scribbles

JB McDonald, author and land pirate

JB McDonald
13 January 1981
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I started writing when I was 8 years old, but waited another 19 years before publishing my first book (well, novella, close enough!): Treasure Hunting, a paranormal heterosexual romance set in South America, where the bugs are huge and the men are jaguars. Or something like that.

I have an inner twelve-year-old boy that influences everything I blog about, and half of what I write. Apparently, my inner twelve-year-old boy is gay. Go figure.

At some point I'd like to start writing fantasy as well as romance, but for now romance is holding my interest too well! I can't imagine ever giving either one up...

To fill in the gaps in my income, I re-train and rehabilitate abused, aggressive, and anxious dogs (and their owners). I know far too much about dog behavior and nutrition to be healthy, I'm sure. If you're having dog problems, feel free to toss me an email at jenna[dot]b[dot]mcdonald[at]gmail.com or comment here. I can't promise to fix it without seeing the problem myself, but I might be able to offer some tips.

I currently have a girlfriend who lives in ENGLAND -- so far! -- but she'll be moving over here next year. I spend a lot of time on IM hiding out and talking with her. She is definitely worth hiding out for. ;-D

I write very quickly, but get distracted very easily. Alas. I have two dogs, Cash and Lily, and a bird, Bobby, who occupy much of my time. Occasionally I wax rhapsodic about them, simply because they're the best pets you could ever want. Except that Bobby bites me if I'm on the phone and he's on my shoulder. But other than that...

I got my start reading comic books, Black Stallion novels, manga and -- truthfully -- still haven't stopped. I wrote fanfic, I still RP/collaborative write, and no, I'm not saying where. ;) I have two sisters who appear on here occasionally, and two parents who don't -- they support me in person, when I arrive home. ;) My family champion everything I do, and it's awesome.

I love hearing from readers! It pretty much makes my day. Drop me a line, let me know you're out there, and I'll be on cloud nine for the year.