JB McDonald (jennabreen) wrote,
JB McDonald

I remember being a kid, and listening to the football game play in the background during Thanksgiving. It wasn't the Superbowl. I know that now, because I thought it WAS the Superbowl and I put that in my book, and no one else caught the slip up either. Now it's published like that. *dies so hard* I can't believe I did that. I so carefully researched everything else, down to when baseball season started and basketball season and everything else! Lordy, lordy.

Um. Yeah. Just ignore that. *dies some more*

On the other hand, Weird is getting great reviews! My current favorites are the random reader who posted a 5 star review on Amazon, and... drum roll please... the 5 star review at Just Erotic Romance Reviews! Guys, I do believe this is my FIRST five star review! I mean, the Dragon series got good reviews, usually ranking in the 4s steadily, but this is a 5! WOO HOO! *does a dance!* So, so exciting. :D

In other news, I'm still on vacation! Tango and I have been sitting by the pool and drinking wine. (Occasionally at least.)

1243011_10151885315289783_306840844_o 1172723_10151882876474783_799524037_o

 See? Pretty awesome. I also helped a friend move, because I'm just that kind of masochist. No writing has been done. I did, however, score an embarrassment of clothes when I went shopping with my mom. Aren't moms great? It doesn't matter if you're self sufficient, they're still happy to buy you stuff! :D

I've seen a bunch of friends that I haven't seen in too long, so that was great. And one of those friends had a PUPPY, so that was fun, too. Puppies are always adorable. ;)

Tonight my beau flies in, and we'll spend the weekend here in SoCal before driving home together. Tomorrow we have a riding lesson, and Saturday we go kayaking in La Jolla. Yeah, life is hard right now...

Don't break the internet without me!


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