JB McDonald (jennabreen) wrote,
JB McDonald

Dragon Bound

Doing editing on the very last Dragon story, Dragon Bound!

Here's the rough draft of the blurb.

All Ashe wanted was to collect Katsu and go home. All Katsu wanted was Ashe. Figuring that out might have taken a while, but now that they have there's only one thing remaining: to leave the country.

Easier said than done. With a bounty on Ashe's head, everyone is out to kill him. Threats are constant and injuries abound. Not even the dragon can stop a mob from slaughtering Ashe, and if a mythical creature can't do it, what hope does a dispossessed prince have? They'll need a miracle to get out of this alive, and none of them believe in miracles anymore.
Tags: dragon series, the dragon series
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