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So, way back in my heyday of comic fanfic, there was this thing called The Common People. I forget now who started it -- Luba? Lori? Kaylee? -- but it was pretty popular. It was superhero stories told from the point of view of -- you got it! -- the common person.

It's stuck with me all this time. I come back to it every time I watch a superhero movie. I haven't given it enough thought to figure out how it would be feasible, but today on my walk I did a little more thinking.

I love the idea of it. I mean, what's it like to be the doctor who bandages up Batman in secret? How much does she worry that her superiors will find out? How does she hide the supplies she uses? What about the civilian who gets dosed with laughing gas or mutagens? Or the one who escapes, but is surrounded by the crazy, panicking crowd that produced? Do people in metropolitan areas have to pay for superhero insurance? In fact, how many people end up homeless because there isn't superhero insurance, and the insurance company declares Thor's hammer an act of god? (Ha ha.) What about the entrepreneur who starts selling superhero first aid packs -- everything you need in case the Joker comes to town?

Along these lines, I had a couple of ideas.
1. I could totally write a chicklit book (can I tell you how much I hate that term, btw?). It would start with a personal ad:

F, 34, BBW looking for someone to share life with. Commons only. Superheroes need not apply. Repeat: NO SUPERHEROES. My insurance won't cover you. Inquire at...

I mean, come on, that practically writes itself!

2. Who are the people who find cures for things like the Joker's laughing gas? I want to know about those people. It would also be an interesting story, on the outskirts of superheroes, with the possibility of danger if a villain decides to shut them down. That would be seriously cool. And, hey, they might even get to see Superman one day, if he gets sick. ;)

So, yeah. I'm contemplating this sort of thing at the moment. I'll contemplate a LOT longer -- I have other things that take precedence (like Queer... which would be going except it's not. Don't ask. Bleh.)

Fun stuff. :D


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