JB McDonald (jennabreen) wrote,
JB McDonald

A Little Queer

Did I mention I've been having to go back through and fill in scenes from Queer that I hadn't realized I hadn't written? Or scenes I didn't think I needed, but then when I went back and read it -- after finishing editing Weird (which is available in paperback now, btw!) I realized I did?

See, here's what happened. I wrote A Little Weird. I sent it off. It was accepted. In the several weeks' (months?) lag time between being accepted and editing starting, I wrote about a third of A Little Queer. Then edits came back for Weird, and I had to focus on those. By the time I'd finished edits, I'd forgotten where I was with Queer, so I re-read it. And discovered that it didn't flow nearly as smoothly as I thought. :( So I made a bunch of notes and whatnot, and I've been going back and filling in scenes. It's not fun.

Anyway, the good news is this: in doing so, I realized I needed to cover more than was possible, and so now it's a trilogy. Also, I've finally finished filling in scenes. YAY! Now: I need to re-read it again, and then continue on. With luck it'll be finished by the holidays!

Tags: a little queer, writing updates
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